Egyptian Temple Scene

I went back and improved my Egyptian temple scene, completely overhauling most of the textures, adjust the lighting and adding in some extra assets and details. I am pleased with the improvements and I learnt a lot by improving a previous piece rather just start a new one.
The scene is rendered in UE4, all materials were created using Substance Designer, and Painter to composite materials on some assets.

Material shots to come

Lloyd james c1
Lloyd james final nearleft 131116

View of shrine Area

Lloyd james final shrine 131116

Shrine Close up

Lloyd james sandstone plane

Base Sandstone material - with parameters to create variation when used as part of other materials

Lloyd james sandstone base bd

Base Sandstone Textures

Lloyd james brick plane

Sandstone Block Wall

Lloyd james sandstone wall bd

Sandstone Block Wall Textures

Lloyd james sand cyln

Sand material used for vertex painting on ground surfaces

Lloyd james sand bd

Sand Textures

Lloyd james nat stone cyln

Natural Stone material

Lloyd james natural stone bd

Natural Stone textures

Lloyd james statue wireframe

Statue Render + Wireframe

Lloyd james statue bd

Statue Textures